January 2022

July 2021

Brooklyn Bridge Foggy Night 5

Monark Butterfly on Flower

Improbable Building 3

noir ballerina

July 2020

Flower Power 2a

Woman, Heron, Rabbit, Wolf, Dolphin

Flower Power 3a

April 2020

in Gaia's Eyes

used as part of "Sonic Spring" April 2020and virtual exhibition at "Transformations" June 2020 

February 2020

December 2019, January 2020

November 2019

September 2019

August 2019

"The Dance I" is an abstract image in shades of blue and brown that resembles the figure of a female dancer with her Right arm draped over her head.  Brush strokes are evident throughout the image.

The Dancer I

"The Dancer II is an abstract image shared of white, yellow, blue and red.  That resembles a partially nude dancer.  There are very few details. The image is rendered in large flat colored curvy shapes that are reminiscent of cubist art.

The Dancer II

June 2019

The Dance

February 2019

The Image Gentrification is a photograph of a puddle in the street.  You can see a variety of trash including a Starburst wrapper, a partial Dunkin Donuts styrofoam cup and other trash.  You can also see the reflection of a highrise appartment building under construction with a crane.  The building is wrapped in orange protective fencing on each of it's 50 floors.  There is a construction crane next to the building that looks a bit like a Rocket Ship's gantery.

November 2018

September 2018

July 2018

Untitled spelled U n t 1 t l 3 d. Front image from two sided acrylic 6 inch square frame.  (The image is an abstract of red leaves in the fall sitting on a patio table, and the sunlight below.)


Image on Obverse of Untitled (4 abstracts of the corners of a picture frame rotated to make a new image.)



Exhibited 7/15/2018 - 7/19/2018

TLCC 2018, Orlando, FL

July 2017

Images 2005-2010

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